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Riddling Talk

Resource: Short-Event

Riddling attempt. Playable on a character whose company is facing an attack of the type listed below. Character makes a roll (or draws a #) modified by: +2 for each sage and +1 for each Hobbit in his company. If the result is greater than 8 against Dragons and Drakes, 10 against Men and Giants, 12 against Slayers, Awakened Plants, Orcs, Spiders, and Trolls; then name a card and opponent must reveal his hand. If the named card is in opponent's hand, the creature's card is discarded (all of its attacks are cancelled) and the hazard limit against the character's company is decreased by three.

This card allows a nice, though not guaranteed, way to cancel attacks and reduce hazard limits. It almost sings of combos, too, such as Palantiri. This card's text is fairly complicated, as is its effect, but the concept really is quite simple. You make a roll, modified by various amounts and needing to be greater than various amounts, then if you guess correctly one card in your opponent's hand (just pick an obvious one like Twilight if you're actually guessing) you can discard an attack and your hazard limit goes down by three. So it's a fairly complicated process to get this card's effects to occur, but when you do the effects are quite powerful. It may not work on all attacks, but it works on many, and works quite well on Dragons and Drakes (hmm, I wonder why...), so there are certainly instances to use it. It also goes very well with Palantiri decks, especially with cards like Palantir of Amon Sul (which lets you look at your opponent's hand, naturally useful in this case) that fit perfectly with its ability. In fact, this is almost like STCCG's (yes, I did play that once, though I don't anymore) infamous Telephathic Alien Kidnappers (this card with discards instead of cancellations) and Alien Probe (a permanent Amon Sul) combo. Except it's not quite as deadly and it's legal for tournament etc. play. With Amon Sul, however, or even without in some cases, and in Dragon Country especially, this card can be a very useful addition to your deck. So overall Riddling Talk is a nice card, useful somewhat in many circumstances and particularly good with Palantir combos.
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Legolas8.7Farmer Maggot7.5

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