Incite Denziens

Hazard: Short-Event

Creates an additional automatic-attack at a Ruins & Lairs until the end of the turn. This is an exact duplicate (including all existing and eventual modifications to prowess, etc.) of an existing automatic-attack of your choice at the site. This automatic-attack is faced after the automatic-attack it duplicates. Cannot be duplicated on a given site.

Immediately after you read this card's text one obvious use springs to mind: Dragons. In fact this card fits in perfectly with Dragons, which is probably why it was released in the Dragons expansion set. It works on Ruins & Lairs, which just happen to be the type of site Dragons inhabit. And it duplicates the often very deadly Dragon automatic-attacks, not only on the regular site auto-attacks but if you prefer (and you probably will) At Home attacks. Now you can put Itangast At Home at Gold hill, play this card on it, and have not just one but TWO attacks of three strikes at 19 prowess each. With any At Home dragon this card is very deadly. Keeping a few of these around in your hand or wherever can help you to make those already very dangerous Dragon home sites just a little more deadly. Plus there's the possibility of enhancers, of course. An At Home Dragon (let's say Smaug for this example, since he's one of the most powerful ones and has attacker-chooses defenders, which enhancers usually don't give you). With Eye of Sauron, Arouse Denziens, and Awaken Denziens, for example, in addition to this, you now have 2 attacks of 4 attacker-chooses defender strikes with 24 prowess each. Total of 8 24-prowess strikes, far better than most Nazgul among other things. And that's just a few of the enhancers available. Plus there's literally nothing bad about this card, the only possible problem is that it can't be duplicated on a given site but if your opponent's dead then there's really no problem there. So overall Incite Denziens is a great card, well worth putting in almost any deck, especially ones that make significant use of auto-attacks.
Legolas7.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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