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Frenzy of Madness

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a Shadow-hold not in Gorgoroth, Nurn, Udun, or Imlad Morgul. If you discard (from your hand) a hazard creature playable at the site, one dragon hazard creature may be played this turn keyed to this site. Alternatively, Daelomin may be played at the site this turn (without discarding a creature).

This card expands the playability of dragons to a few more sites, and also opens up the possibility of terrain enhancers more fully than it was before. 6 new sites are immediately opened up with this for Dragon play, shadow-holds spread out fairly far over the map. The problem, however, is that most of these are in regions where Dragons are playable anyway, and even for those that aren't there are still threats from cards like Nazgul too so you really don't need this card that much to expand coverage. It can prove useful, yes, allowing you to reach a couple more sites, and also allowing a large expansion into Ruins & Lairs with terrain changers. But Ruins & Lairs are already covered by Dragon's Desolation, and no dragon has to sacrifice anything to be played at them with it. Plus it covers them without enhancers, and even though it's limited to ones with Wilderness in their site path most R&L have that. So this card really doesn't get you that much of an expansion in the way of coverage. And what it does give you comes at a price, too, for most dragons. In order to play them with this, you have to sacrifice another creature (yet another Magic concept creeping in to METW) playable there, and considering that most creatures playable in those places are fairly powerful that can sometimes be a sacrifice. But also remember that a lot of creatures, weak ones too, are playable to Shadow-holds, such as Crebain and some of the Orcs. But then you have to keep one of those otherwise almost useless creatures in your deck for purposes of sacrificing it, wasting valuable space. And although Daelomin can be played without that, his range is fairly large anyway, and he's only one out of nine different Dragons (10, if you count Cave-drake, though its range is fairly good anyway). So overall Frenzy of Madness is not a very good card, which only expands Dragons' range by a few sites and costs much too much to be worthwhile.
Legolas5.0Farmer Maggot7.5

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