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Hazard: Creature

Marshalling Points: 1

Prowess/Body: 12/-

Drake. Three strikes. Attacker chooses defending characters. May be played keyed to Khand and Harondor. If Doors of Night is in play, may also be played keyed to Ithilien, Nurn and Horse Plains.

Sand-drake is very similar to Scorba, but in a different area and in one way better than him. Same basic statistics, 12 prowess, 3 attacker-chooses-defenders strikes, no 8 body like Scorba, but different and possibly better regions. Plus Sand-drake has the minor bonus of having fewer marshalling points, a slight benefit but still noticeable. However, Sand-drake has a good deal more range than Scorba himself, and almost equal range to Scorba Ahunt (which is a good deal weaker than Sand-drake). Sand-drake, once again like Dragons, has a specific set of regions it can be keyed to, and nowhere else. It can be played a good deal south of Dragon Country, right above Mordor mostly, in an area of the map only a few dragons (in fact only one, Daelomin Ahunt) come close to. Now admittedly this area isn't visited much for the most part, but three of the best factions in the game (the Variags, Easterlings, and Southrons) are all in there. And so is something far more important: the only way into Mordor. In fact, all of the regions around Mordor except Dagorlad are covered by Sand-drake. The only ways in without going through Morannon are both blocked off (Imlad Morgul and Nurn). Finally there's a decent use for Morannon, though I'd hardly go through that much danger just to avoid having to fight the Sand-drake, when compared with the dangers in Morannon like the Nazgul. Not to say the Sand-drake isn't powerful, it is, it just can't compare with the dangers of Mordor. But it's still overall a useful creature to keep around to help fight off One Ring deck advances.
Ratings for: SAND-DRAKE
Legolas5.5Farmer Maggot8.0

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