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Dwarven Hoard

Resource: Short-Event

Tap a Dwarf at a Dark-hold or Shadow-hold. The site is considered to contain a hoard until the end of the turn.

This card single-handedly destroys the almost absolute need to go to a Dragon home at some point in the game. Now you can reap all the benefits of Hoard items without even going to a dragon home. There are a total of 13 Shadow- and Dark-holds, more than there are Dragon home sites, all of which you can give hoards with this card (though not all of them have greater items playable). 8 of these take minor, major, and greater items, more than doubling the number of sites Greater Hoard items are playable at. It's also non-unique, it can be duplicated on sites, and all it requires is that you tap a dwarf. Great effect for a fairly low price. You can see the uses of this right away. For example, Arrows Shorn of Ebony. To use its effect, you have to discard it, which gives -1 prowess -2 body to a strike and defeats all strikes if that one is defeated. If you're in Mordor, and you play it on a Nazgul, let's say, you won't have it any more to play on another Nazgul, or on Shelob. So just pop in to Minas Morgul or wherever and get yourself another one. Yes, it's dangerous, too much so really for the fairly small effect of Arrows Shorn of Ebony, but you get the point. There are two disadvantages though. One is relatively minor: you have to tap a dwarf to play this. The danger in that comes from the fact you're in a fairly dangerous area, where Nazgul and other dangerous creatures can be played, and your Dwarf could find himself in quite a bit of trouble with the negative prowess of being tapped and facing an attack. Still, it's only one dwarf, and probably at most he'll only get wounded (since they're on average pretty good characters for body). The other problem is that this effect only lasts for one turn. If you don't have Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe, that isn't much to get annoyed about (since you probably couldn't play more than one item anyway) but if you do, it's a significant concern. Still, overall Dwarven Hoard is an excellent card, worth putting in any deck that makes significant use of Hoard items, and vital to converting your One Ring / Mordor deck over to work well with Dragons.
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