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Bow of Dragon-Horn

Resource: Major Item
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 2

Unique. Hoard item. Warrior only: tap bow to reduce the number of strikes from one hazard creature attack not keyed to a site by one (to a minimum of one). Well, there are quite a few Earendil cards, some good (like Emerald of the Mariner) and some bad. This one probably falls, like yesterday's, somewhere in the middle. Its ability is fairly useful, but it's difficult enough to get so you may not find getting it worth the trouble. First the very basics. It's worth 2 marshalling point, and gives 2 corruption points, a fairly normal 1:1 ratio. It's a Major item, which would not seem too bad, except that it's also a Hoard item. That makes it playable at only nine sites. Fortunately, unlike some items this one is playable at all nine of the Dragon home sites, including the fairly easy Zarak Dum (an excellent place for cards like this, with a very easy attack, and though it can't take Greater hoard items it does Minor and Major ones just fine) and other easy ones. Its effect is nice, but as I said it's not really worth the effort. It allows you to reduce the strikes from hazard creatures not keyed to sites. Right away one group of creatures comes to mind, actually two: Drakes and Dragons. Drakes for the most part aren't keyable to site types, but only to region types, making them easy prey for this card. And while the regular Dragons can be keyed to sites, the Ahunt ones can't, so they should be subject to this too. Of course lots of other creatures can also be affected, but since this happens to be the Dragons expansion set and this card the Bow of Dragon-Horn those seemed the most appropriate. This effect basicaly allows you to double a warrior's role of taking strikes for the weaker ones like the Hobbits: now a Warrior can both defend a strike and also remove one, effectively handling two strikes. So overall Bow of Dragon-Horn is a fairly decent card, with a nice effect, but difficult enough to get so it may not be worth the trouble.

Legolas5.0Farmer Maggot8.0

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