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Star of High Hope

Resource: Long-Event

Environment. The prowess of each Elf and Dunandan is modified by +1 (by +2 if Gates of Morning is in play).

This is YAEC (Yet Another Earendil Card, I'll start using that with the many many cards with quotes from that one poem Bilbo read in Rivendell). It's not particularly amazing, but it can be a useful little supplement nonetheless. It does a very simple thing: adds prowess to Elves and Dunedain. You use it in a very simple way: play it to add prowess to all the Elves and Dunedain in play. With Echo of All Joy, it becomes a semi-permanent effect, but otherwise it's just a one-turn long-event. It's an environment, and therefore benefits from Gates of Morning (which doubles its enhancement from 1 to 2). It can also be harmed and canceled by all the usual cards, Twilight, Doors of Night, etc. This card really is useful almost any time, a point or two of prowess always helps and the only disadvantage is that it helps your opponent's Elves and Dunedain too. It gets Elrond and Thranduil up to 8 or even 9 prowess, making them supercharged fighters (though they're already pretty good), and with all Elves and Dunedain it at least helps a little. So the best time to use this really is when either one of your companies is going into a dangerous area (Dragon Country or Mordor particularly) or if you're playing an Elf or Dunadan - centered deck. Particularly the latter, since otherwise there isn't much reason to have this card in your deck in the first place. So overall Star of High Hope is a nice card for Elf and Dunadan decks, but otherwise isn't worth the deck space.
Ratings for: STAR OF HIGH HOPE
Legolas6.0Farmer Maggot7.0

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