Hazard: Creature
Region Key: Border-land
Site Key: Border-hold
Prowess/Body: 10/-
Marshalling Points: 1

Men. One strike. Each non-Wizard defending character wounded by the Abductor is discarded.

A pretty nice card. Let's use the usual plan of good and then bad points. First the good points. It has 10 prowess, enough to have a good chance of defeating many characters and the possibility of defeating any of them. Secondly, it only gives your opponent 1 marshalling point if killed, relatively insignificant. Third, and most importantly, it kills any character it wounds. This doesn't work on Wizards, but that doesn't matter much since a wizard has a good chance of killing it anyway.

Think about, though, all the ability of this. It's the perfect Hobbit-killer, since they have such low prowess. Just play this on a weak or hobbit-heavy party, and it'll almost definitely kill one of them. Play these in groups (remember, it's not unique) to possibly kill of an entire company of weak characters. Just try 3 of these, on some party with about a maximum of 4 or 5 prowess (I've seen parties like this, or at least mostly this) and wreak havoc.

One of my many ideas is a "quick-kill" deck; make it with cards like this, Nazgul, a couple of other power creatures, and some enhancers to make them stronger and playable, and start rapidly destroying your opponent's weaker companies and characters until he has almost none left, and just a few strong ones who also soon fall prey to Nazgul and other powerful attacks. Enhance one of these guys to 15 or so and kill a powerful character with it.

There's only one main problem with this. It's only playable at Border Holds and Lands. There are a good deal of those, and a good deal of cards that cause those, so you won't find yourself with no places to play these guys, but it can be a problem. Overall, though, this is a very good card, especially in groups.

Ratings for: ABDUCTOR

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