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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling points: 2
Playable at: Wilderness (3)
Prowess/Body: 13/6

Drake. One strike. Attacker chooses defending characters. Defending company must discard one item of attacker's choice for each character wounded by Were-worm. Three Wilderness in site path are required.

This creature has the potential to become a HUGE pain, especially for its special ability but even its basic stats are decently powerful. First we'll look at those. Pretty normal for a high-powered Drake, 2 marshalling points, 3 wilderness in site path (it can be hard to play, but it does help like all sorts of other things to hurt Radagast decks). 13/6 isn't much more deadly than the 12/6 of Wild Fell Beast, and with 2 fewer strikes WFB is a good bit better overall on the attack than Were-worm, but the special ability makes up for that and more. The ability, an incredbily powerful one at that, allows the ATTACKER (i.e. you) to choose an item in the defending company to discard. No fancy checks or anything like that, you just get to pick an item and your opponent has to discard it. Of course, you do have to wound a character in the defending company, but if that character happens to be a Hobbit (which are often in the best companies to do this to, I'll explain why in a moment if you haven't already guessed), and since you can choose the defender(s) it probably can be, then you can probably wound them and reap the benefits of this card. One scenario for this card's use immediately springs to mind: The One Ring. Yes, yet another One Ring strategy destroyer. One Ring companies often contain Hobbits, which just happen to be the perfect targets for Were-Worm. Attack and wound the Hobbit, then discard The One Ring. Of course it helps if you happen to have a One Ring handy and ready to play, since then you can almost immediately play it, and waltz over to Mount Doom before your surprised opponent can do anything about it (their hand will be so tied up with the One Ring strategy they probably won't have much of a hazard strategy ready). Easy win. And all made possible by this card. Never mind the other possibilities: Greater Hoard items, Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe (if your opponent has it and you want to be able to play it), if it's an item you can discard it. The only problem is the easy cancellation with Elven Cloaks et. al., but the possibility is certainly worth putting this card in your deck for. So overall, Were-worm is a great card, with a special ability that causes all kinds of problems for strategies which rely in any way on items.
Ratings for: WERE-WORM
Legolas9.0Farmer Maggot9.5

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