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Scorba Ahunt

Hazard: Long-event
Marshalling Points: 3
Prowess/Body: 10/7

Unique. Any company moving in Forochel, Angmar, and/or Gundabad immediately faces one Dragon attack (considered a hazard creature attack) -- 4 strikes at 10/7 (attacker chooses defending characters). If Doors of Night is in play, this attack also affects: Numeriador, Arthedain, and Rhudaur.

You may have noticed on the region list there Rhudaur, which for those of you who haven't already realized this is the region where Rivendell is located. So any company moving in Rhudaur (moving to or from Rivendell), along with of course all the other regions listed on the card, is subject to this attack if this card and Doors of Night are in play. The attack itself isn't that great, but since it's a Dragon there's lots of room for improvement with enhancers. Without those, it still has some power. It's a 10/7, 4 attacker-chooses-defenders strikes. Not much danger to Glorfindel, or for that matter anyone with a pretty high level of prowess (like Wizards). Against Hobbits, however the chances drastically improve, to a good deal greater than 50% of their being wounded (since they need to roll a 9 or better). And of course if a Hobbit wants to get out of The Shire, or is used as a starting character, the two main ways to get a Hobbit, they're probably going to go through Arthedain or Rhudaur. If they start in The Shire they could escape through Cardolan in the South, but in Rivendell they're dead meat no matter where they move. And remember to factor in the fact that you do get four strikes, six if you use Scorba's personal enhancer Velocity of Haste, allowing you to possibly get some -1 modifiers against small companies (or use Deftness of Agility to assign extra strikes, though they are pretty weak ones). So Scorba Ahunt can be a great way to do immediate harm to a Hobbit deck, and for that matter to almost any deck. Now I admit it's rare that I'll ever go to Forochel, Angmar, or Gundabad, so in its non-Doors of Night version it's not particularly good, but with Doors of Night in play it can be very powerful. Plus there are the enhancers I just mentioned. Velocity of Haste gives you 2 extra strikes (with no body, but they are strikes), Dragon's Desolation and Prowess of Might each add 2 prowess, Dragon's Breath gives you the huge lot of enhancers I mentioned when I reviewed it. With just three cards you get Scorba to 14/7 with 6 strikes, a possible danger even to powerful cards like Wizards. So overall Scorba Ahunt is a very nice Dragon, one of the better Ahunts (and probably the best one for range), worth putting in almost any Dragon hazard deck.
Ratings for: SCORBA AHUNT
Legolas8.0Farmer Maggot9.5

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