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Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Cardolan
Site Path: Wilderness (2)
Nearest Haven: Rivendell
Playable: Items (minor)
Automatic-attacks: Men - 3 strikes with 6 prowess
Special: Items may be played here even if the site is tapped.
Cards Drawn: Opponent: 1 You: 1

Like Buhr Widu, this site allows you to play more than one item at it, in fact as many items as you want, even if it's tapped. But unlike Buhr Widu, Tharbad isn't actually that dangerous, though it's still somewhat so. It still has the two wilderness and Ruins & Lairs, which allow Dragon's Desolation to be played, but it's not the FOUR wilderness in Buhr Widu, so some of the Drakes etc. aren't playable there. But the rewards aren't nearly as high, however, only allowing you to play minor items (which a huge number of sites allow already, many of them much safer than this). Still, if you need a lot of minor items, maybe to equip a company for a hard journey (such as to Mordor), this is the place to go. The attack, as at Buhr Widu, is somewhat weak, in fact extremely so - 3 strikes at 6 prowess. Even a Hobbit has a better than 50% chance of defeating this attack. Anyone with 5+ prowess automatically defeats it. That's about all there is to say about this card. So overall, Tharbad is a good supply site for minor items, but the terrain it's in is often too dangerous to be worthwhile.
Ratings for: THARBAD
Gandalf5.5Farmer Maggot3.0

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