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Wild Fell Beast

Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 2
Playable at: Shadow-lands (2)
Prowess/body: 12/6

Drake. Three strikes. Attacker chooses defending characters. Unless this attack is cancelled, all untapped characters in defending company are tapped following attack. Two Shadow-lands in site path are required.

Nice, but limited. It's incredibly powerful, one of the most powerful Drakes in fact, but it has the unfortunate fact of having one of the worst restrictions in the game: double Shadow-land as its playing area. This is quite rare, especially considering there are only 6 shadow-lands in the game, 2 of which are far away from the others (Angmar and Khand), and one of which (Imlad Morgul) has creatures playable there much worse than this. So the only good shot of playing this is either on a company moving to Mordor from Lorien (Dagorlad and Imlad Morgul can get them), someone trying to get out the Easterlings faction (in Horse Plains, right next to Dagorlad, both of which are shadow-lands), or possibly someone using haven movement to reach the Variags of Khand. Other than that, your only hope is terrain enhancers, though those can often work well for this job. This attack, however, is worth it. It's a Drake (with the enhancers for Drakes), and it has a small footprint marshalling point-wise, both of which can be valuable, but more importantly it's a 12/6 with three attacker-chooses-defenders strikes. That's at about the level of most Dragons, factoring in the strikes. Pretty nice, don't you think? And that's not all. Wild Fell Beast also makes sure that all the characters in the company are tapped, assuming that it isn't cancelled. Once again, pretty nice. You get Neeker Breekers' features, more than that in fact, and a creature almost as powerful as a Dragon. The only thing missing from this card being absolutely perfect as an attack is a combo with Nazgul (maybe "Tame the Beast" or something like that), since this is a wild version of the things they ride (or rode, I should say) around in. But, there is still the problem of playability, making this card not nearly as great as it would otherwise be. Still, whether your opponent plays a ring or faction strategy there's a good chance they'll be going through two shadow-lands, and you can always play terrain changers (Morgul Night is a great card to have here). So overall, Wild Fell Beast is a great card for its abilities, but its heavy play restrictions can be a significant problem.
Ratings for: WILD FELL BEAST
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot9.5

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