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When I Know Anything

Resource: Permanent-Event
Marshalling Points: 1
Corruption Points: 1
Light Enchantment. Playable on a sage during the site phase at a site where "information" is playable. Tap sage and site. Tap sage to modify one corruption check by a character in his company by +3. Sage makes a corruption check.
Well, among other things this is our first Light Enchantment. The main difference between these and regular events is that some cards modify specifically them, but other than that they're pretty much identical to any other events. But let's look at this particular one, When I Know Anything. It does a pretty basic thing, helping a corruption check, and it doesn't even do it that well. Old Friendship has a larger modifier, and none of the penalties or restrictions this card carries wth it. The only thing this card has over it, in fact, is the fact that it's permanent. You do have to give up an Information site, but it can be worth it for this card. It allows you to give a corruption check +3 in exchange for tapping and making a corrpuption check on a sage. Now you can use a corruption-free sage (a good idea to have anyway since many cards can give sages an awful lot of trouble with corruption) to handle this, and then not have to worry much about the sage's corruption check, or even a corruption-heavy one if the situation is dangerous and/or important (as is often the case for One Ring decks with cards like Cracks of Doom). But since there's more corruption caused by this card it might cause you more problems to play it than not to. A bad idea with this card is using it on a Wizard, unless there's a big emergency, since any corruption check on a wizard is almost automatically a Bad Thing. Overall, When I Know Anything is a card with a good bit of potential as a permanent corruption-helper that can be carried around almost like an item with a company.
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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