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Map to Mithril

Resource: Permanent-Event
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 2
Playable on a Dwarf during during the site phase at a site at which "Information" is playable. Tap the Dwarf and site. Tap Map to Mithril if bearer is ever at Moria; this card never untaps. If Map to Mithril is at a Dwarf-hold and it is tapped, the bearer may tap himself and place this card with a non-unique weapon in his company. This gives the weapon a +3 prowess bonus.
Interesting card. It gives you sort of a "quest" which, when fulfilled, gives you a +3 prowess bonus to a non-unique weapon of your choice. Wizard's Staff is a good pick here, but it's your choice about what you use it on. Its play is rather complicated, however, and the reward isn't that great. You start off by playing this card, at an Information site. You have to tap the Dwarf and the site when you do that, so you might lose an Information site unless you have Durin's ring. Then you have to go to Moria, to tap this card, the only real way to do it. Once you've tapped it, you can then proceed to one of the two (three with King under the Mountain) Dwarf-holds and tap the character. After all this you get a +3 prowess bonus to a non-unique weapon, plus 2 marshalling points. Hmm. It's an interesting idea, to say the least, but in this card's case it really isn't that good. I mean, you have to do all this work, going from an Information site to Moria to a Dwarf-hold, and all you get is a +3 prowess bonus? There are lots of items which are better than this and much easier to get out. This might be useful if you're out of those items, or simply want something interesting to do, or if most of the good item sites nearby are tapped, but otherwise it's a bit too much work for what it gives you. So overall Map to Mithril is a fairly mediocre card, an interesting idea but not that much of a benefit for the work it requires.
Ratings for: MAP TO MITHRIL
Gandalf6.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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