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Nenselde the Wingild

Resource: Ally
Mind: 3
Marshalling Points: 2

Unique. Playable at Dol Amroth. May not be attacked. Tap Nenselde to return one environment resource long-event or short-event from your discard pile to your hand. Discard Nenselde if her company moves to a site that is not in: Belfalas, Bay of Belfalas, Anfalas, or Mouths of the Anduin.

Well, Nenselde the Wingild is an interesting Ally, with a Palantir-like card recovery ability, the ability of never being attacked, and the limitations that the Ents and Tom Bombadil also suffer. And unlike those her limitations really don't matter that much. She's got some fairly basic ally stats: 3 mind (for what little mind does in allies), 2 marshalling points, all fairly normal. She's playable at the free-hold Dol Amroth, in the Belfalas region, a free-domain, so there are almost no risks in bringing her out. And once she is out she can do you quite a bit of good to have. She lets you recycle long- and short-event resource envronments, which most resource environments are, right back to your hand, to be quickly played again. With some environments this can be quite helpful. To be more exact about it, it's useful when you either discard an environment you wish you hadn't or when you have one you want to keep around but you don't have an Echo of All Joy to do it with. Or (if they consider it a resource for play with Nenselde too) Twilight, a great card to recycle, can be brought back with this, though that depends on whether it's a resource for recycling purposes too. But any way it can be useful. And you can use this ability every turn while Nenselde is out, so you aren't giving up much to get it. Now there would seem to be the problem of limited range, but in her case that's easily solved. Just sit some low-power character with her in Dol Amroth or wherever (Edhellond is a good choice here) and keep here there. She doesn't really add much to a company, in fact she adds absolutely nothing since she can't be attacked, so why not just sit here somewhere and use her ability but not bother moving her around? Overall, Nenselde the Wingild is a fairly useful card, with a nice ability you might find useful in some decks.
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot8.5

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