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Enruned Shield

Resource: Greater Item
Marshalling Points: 3
Corruption Points: 2

Unique. Hoard item. Shield. +3 to body to a maximum of 10. Warrior only: tap Enruned Shield to cause one strike against bearer to be ineffectual (i.e., it doesn't fail and it is not successful).>

This card is about the biggest waste in the entire Dragons set. I mean, c'mon. A shield, whose only enhancer is 3 body to a max of 10 (making it only +1 with some characters like Wizards and Hobbits, and +0 with Galadriel), and who can make one strike ineffectual (something bettered even by Elven Cloak, which cancels it instead of making it ineffectual, and is MUCH easier to get out). 3 marshalling points, a medium faction's worth, and 2 corruption points, not that many but more than some cards with better abilities. It would be perfectly acceptable, and actually might be useful, if it was a bit easier to play, but the problem is that it isn't. It is in fact incredibly hard to get out, as hard as Emerald of the Mariner or Wizard's Staff. There are only five sites in the game where this item can be played, all of them Dragon sites, and if you did go there there are far better things to play (like Emerald of the Mariner). It's certainly not worth the risks and trouble involved to get it out. And yet it's a Hoard Greater Item. You can't really bring up the topic of wasting sites, true, since there are only 3 Hoard Greater items (4 if you have a Wizard's Staff for each player) and 5 sites to play them at, but nonetheless this card is pretty difficult to get. The only possible use is if you've got a Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe and you've taken somewhere like Dancing Spire over with King under the Mountain, since then it isn't that much trouble. But otherwise it most definitely is. So overall Enruned Shield is a wasted item, a perfectly good idea but WAY too complicated to get out.
Gandalf4.0Farmer Maggot8.0

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