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Cruel Caradhras

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on a company using region movement to move through one of the following regions (and not stopping at a site therein): High Pass, Redhorn Gate, Angmar, Gundabad, Grey Mountain Narrows, or Minas Morgul. Each character in target company must face one strike (not an attack) of 8 prowess which cannot be cancelled. Any resulting body check is modified by +1.

Hmm. Not actually that great, but interesting nonetheless. It only works on companies moving with region movement, which many do but many don't, passing through a few of the mountainous areas of the map and also apparently Minas Morgul (odd because that's a site even though it calls them regions, maybe that's yet another misprint). I suppose Minas Morgul either means Imlad Morgul (the closest sounding region and the region where Minas Morgul is) or it means this attack also happens at Minas Morgul. Then the company has to face a fairly wimpy attack (8 prowess, only really dangerous to Hobbits and people of that level of prowess). The body checks, however, are modified at the end, and if you use the generally accepted interpretation, the checks are therefore significantly more dangerous. Actually, it's a sort of trade-off: either Cruel Caradhras is more dangerous, and Carrion Birds less so, for the body check modifiers, or the reverse is true. Either way though this attack still isn't that good, since the prowess is rather low, though the body does make up for it somewhat (as it does with Carrion Birds). So overall, Cruel Caradhras is a perfectly acceptable but not great card, which might be useful in some decks but generally isn't that useful.
Gandalf6.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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