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Carrion Birds

Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Prowess/Body: 6/-

May be played keyed to wilderness after any Orc, Troll, or Man attack keyed to wilderness and against the same company. Animals. Each character in the company faces one strike. Any character wounded by Carrion Birds makes two body checks instead of one, both checks modified by -1.

This creature gets an extra, and for that matter negative modified, of a very dangerous thing: body checks. It may have only a weak 6 prowess, but any character it does wound has a drastically increased chance of being eliminated (including Wizards). Though that really depends on how you interpret the -1. If you interpret it in what in the past has been correct, that the -1 is to the ROLL, then with characters of 9 or more body there's no real difference in probability between two checks with -1 to the roll or one check without it. It's actually worse against characters with 10 body. That's the way I'd suggest you interpret it unless Scott kicks in with a ruling other than that. However, if you interpreted it the other way, -1 to the BODY, then it's more likely no matter what the character's body is, a LOT more likely in some cases (5/9 against Wizards). But even assuming the -1 is to the roll, this card can still sometimes be powerful, against characters with 8 or less body (which most of them are). 1/3 for an 8-body, 5/9 for a 7 (greater than 50% chance, cool), and an amazing 5/6 chance for 6-body characters. And unlike some reviews I've checked my numbers here, so if anyone thinks it's wrong I can back up my figures with math. If you're attacking a company with 3 or more 8-or-less body characters and all of them are wounded by this (better yet, wounded before, that modifies the roll back up and moves everyone effectively down 1 body), you're almost guaranteed to kill at least one. Even with only one wounded your odds are pretty good. And if you use enhancers you can, too. Think of all the Animal enhancers out there. Shelob, Wake of War, Dwar of Waw, etc. You can push these birds right up to pretty high levels of prowess. Though they are a bit difficult to play, you finally have a good use for all those cheap-o Orcs (still trying to think of an actually decent use for the guys, when I do I'll write a review about it) and there are a few good Man and Troll attacks. Overall, Carrion Birds is quite a nice card, a good complement to almost any Animal-containing hazard deck.
Ratings for: CARRION BIRDS
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot6.0

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