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Dragon's Breath

Hazard: Short-Event

Playable on an attack by a True Fire-drake, by a Winged Fire-drake, or by any manifestation of Itangast, Leucaruth, Scorba, or Smaug (must be played before strikes are assigned). Each character in the company being attacked immediately faces one strike equal to the attack's prowess. Instead of using prowess against the attack, each character uses his body modified by +1 if he has a shield, by +1 if he has a helmet, and by +3 if he taps. The target attack which follows recieves +1 body and -2 prowess. Cannot be duplicated on a given attack.

This card is the first one which provides additional bonuses for wearing armor, something that should probably have been done by several cards before but has only started appearing in Dragons. It's also a pretty darned good hazard, too. Let's look at the danger first. You can play this on any of the fire-breathing dragons/drakes, something they must have determined by the books or maybe just by looking at the cards and seeing if they're breathing fire in any of them. Either way, it works on the two types of Fire-drakes and on four fairly good Dragons: Itangast, Leucaruth, Scorba, and Smaug, covering a wide area and (all but Scorba) having fairly high prowess. It allows a whole extra attack, but an odd one a little like Neeker-breekers. Everyone has to face a strike, but use their BODY (which is almost always a fairly high number and larger than their prowess) against it, with modifiers for shields, helmets, and for tapping on this attack. One thing I'm not sure about is whether or not a character who is wounded by one of these strikes has to face a body check afterwards, but I'll assume they do for purposes of this review since otherwise this card would be INCREDIBLY powerful. Then the actual attack gets +1 body and -2 prowess, something I'd generally call bad since prowess is (for attacks) worth much more than body even though most attacks have more prowess than body. This card could definitely be useful in some circumstances. Such as against large companies, preferably fairly weak ones. This allows you to give an attack an additional round of attacks for the whole company. Or with the members of that Dragon/drake group (Itangast and Leucaruth, plus the True Fire-drake) who can't choose defenders, now they can just attack everyone. Now you can have, in addition to Itangast's regular 3 18-prowess strikes, an additional set of those for an entire company, with everyone getting a little more prowess against it than normal and the 3 strikes only being 16-prowess. So overall Dragon's Breath is a perfectly nice card which can be useful with some Dragon and Drake attacks for an extra "kick".
Ratings for: DRAGON'S BREATH
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot8.5

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