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Many Foes He Fought

Resource: Short-Event

If defender chooses a warrior to be the target of a strike fron an attack, that character may choose to face any number of strikes from that attack. The character suffers a cumulative -1 prowess/-1 body for each additional strike faced. The character faces a separate strike sequence for each strike.

This card is useful to allow a stronger character to protect weaker ones from a fairly weak attack (or even a strong one if you use a souped-up character like Thrain or Glorfindel). This card is therefore great for Hobbit decks, allowing you to protect them fron many-strike attacks fairly easily. It may be dangerous to play, yes, but it can be useful in a pinch though not that frequently. Its effect is fairly simple. It allows your warrior to take multiple strikes from an attack, in exchange for a -1/-1 prowess/body for each extra strike. For practical purposes not more than three extra strikes are really wise, and even that many are risky. Using it with only one extra, on the other hand, is fairly reasonable and safe. But as I said this can have uses. Let's say you've got two Hobbits in a company with Glorfindel and a Wizard. Something fairly dangerous attacks, like a Dragon (let's use Scatha Ahunt in this example, 4 strikes at 13/8). The Wizard's got Wizard's Staff, so there's not much of a problem for him. But neither of the Hobbits has any modifier. So Glorfindel (who's got Wormsbane with him) plays this card and faces the three strikes. With Wormsbane's +4 prowess he totals up to 10, including the -1 modifiers. If you hadn't played this card Scatha would have probably wounded the Hobbits fairly easily, but this card allowed Glorfindel to jump in and save them. If the Wizard hadn't had his Wizard's Staff you might have wanted to protect him, too. But you can see how this card might be useful, to protect the weaker characters. However, against all the Attacker chooses defenders creatures (like some Drakes and Dragons and Fell Beast-enhanced Nazgul), this card is useless, since they can allocate the strikes any way they see fit anyway. Still, overall Many Foes He Fought is a fairly nice card, useful to offer some extra protection for those fragile Hobbits.
Gandalf7.5Farmer Maggot7.0

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