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King under the Mountain

Resource: Permanent-Event
Marshalling Points: 5

Unique. Playable on Balin, Dain II, Thorin II, or Thrain II if his company has defeated an at home Dragon manifestation attack other than Earcaraxe at Home. The target Dwarf recieves +5 direct influence against Dwarves and Dwarf factions. The site where the Dragon was defeated becomes a Border-hold and Dwarf-hold for all purposes and has no Dragon automatic-attacks. Only Dwarves may play items at this site.

This is quite a card. It lets you make a Dragon site (with Hoard included) into a significantly safer Dwarf-hold and Border-hold. Plus, you get a nice bonus of 5 marshalling points in additon to easier Hoard item play. And it works at every Dragon site except for Earcaraxe's home of Isle of the Ulond (I suppose that's because Earcaraxe is the one dragon who doesn't live in a cave or mountain or hall but instead under an island). It's a bit complicated to play but worth the result. First we'll look at how to play it. To play this you'll need either Balin or one of the three rare Dwarves (Dain II, Thorin II, and Thrain II) in your company, which most Dwarven decks will have at least one of. Then you need an At Home dragon attack (my choice is Daelomin, since he's relatively easy to defeat and his site is item-rich as I described yesterday), played by either you or your opponent. When you've got these you can then send your Dwarf's company (a well-armed one, hopefully) to do battle with the fierce Dragon and hopefully defeat it. Once you've defeated the At Home dragon, play this card on the Dwarf to get its associated bonuses. And what are those bonuses? Well, first there's the obvious 5 marshalling points, as many as the Southrons faction gives you (and this card isn't much harder to get out than they are). Plus you get to give your Dwarf a HUGE bonus of +5 direct influence against Dwarves and Dwarf factions. With Thrain that gives you a total of +8 to direct influence, for a total of 10. This makes Thrain have as much influence as a Wizard, and get an almost extraordinary 1 on my influence scale. Now you can finally influence those Returned Exiles (though we still don't know what exactly they do), at an At Home Dragon defeated site with a King under the Mountain's +5 additional influence bonus listed on the card (Scott, what do they do, anyway? The card doesn't mention anything, it just lists the conditions to play them). Finally, you get to transform the Dragon site into a Border/Dwarf hold, and get rid of the auto-attacks, allowing easy play of the items there. This card, combined with Dancing Spire, Thrain II, and maybe a few other cards like Returned Exiles and Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe, can really get you well set up for influence and items. So overall, King under the Mountain is an excellent card, worthy of inclusion in any Dwarf deck.
Gandalf9.0Farmer Maggot8.5

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