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Itangast at Home

Hazard: Permanent-Event

Unique. Unless Itangast Ahunt is in play, Gold Hill has an additional automatic-attack: Dragon - 3 strikes at 19/8. In addition, each greater item gives an additional corruption point.

Wow. Quite simply put, wow. This card is incredibly powerful, with its only weakness the fact that it's so limited in play area. It has the most powerful attack in the game contained within it, non-modified at least, better than Khamul, better than Shelob. Not only that, it's an Auto-attack, and one with THREE strikes. Its effect is fairly simple: it makes Gold Hill as dangerous as Mordor. It also increases corruption, which I'll get to in a moment, but its main ability is to make Gold Hill the most dangerous site on the board, effectively. Gold Hill is one of only five places (most of which are only that way because of yet another oversight on ICE's part) which allow you to play Greater Hoard Items. Considering the amazing power/usefulness of all the Hoard Greater Items, this is quite a card. Now anyone who goes to Gold Hill will have to face this, the most powerful attack in the game, one which automatically wounds anyone with six prowess or less, including Wizards. It may be worth six marshalling points, but any company that can defeat this attack is probably so strong that six marshalling points won't make any difference, you'll lose the game regardless of that. It may be localized to only one site, but boy is it powerful at that site. Now in addition to this amazingly powerful (and permanent, another useful feature) auto-attack, there's also the matter of the greater item corruption points. Now the very thing you're probably trying to get when you go to Gold Hill is less appealing than it was. Emerald of the Mariner loses its corruption bonus (effectively, anyway), Wizard's Staff gets up to 3 corruption points, Palantiri suffer even more. So not only does this card make Greater Hoard Items more difficult to get, it also makes them more difficult to keep after you've got them. But there is the one problem with this card: it's EXTREMELY localized. If your opponent doesn't go to Gold Hill (and unless you use sneaky things like putting this card on-guard, he probably won't), you've practically wasted this card, all that happens from it is the corruption change, which does affect you too after all. So overall, Itangast at Home is a card that, while extremely powerful, is far too localized to become almost essential, and instead is simply a fairly good but not spectacular card.
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot9.0

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