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Resource: Short-Event

Playable during organization phase on a company moving without region cards. Company may move from a site of origin in one of the following regions to a new site in one of the following regions: Lindon, Elven Coast, Eriadorian Coast, Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, Moutns of the Anduin, Enedhwaith, Old Pukel-land, Andrast, Anfalas, Belfalas, Lamedon, and Harondor. The site path is [3 coastal seas] and the hazard limit is decreased by two to a minimum of two.

Hmm. Sort of like a version of Paths of the Dead which actually can be useful. In fact, very useful, in some cases. Though it can be pointless in many others. First off is the obvious problem: you have to use haven (non-region) movement. This is already a big problem for many people, who prefer the (sometimes) faster ways of regions over using havens. But really this card gives those people something they already have: region movement. All it really lets you do is go from one site to another without going through a haven first. Which is, of course, useful for haven movement people, who otherwise can't do that. This particular card covers the Southwest of Middle-Earth, the largest coastal sea area. Right away one card springs to mind: Earcaraxe, the dragon who affects that area. But this card doesn't really cause that, it just happens to affect the region where that happens. And besides, the hazard limit gets lowered by this card, so Earcaraxe might become less dangerous anyway. In actual number of regions moved through, for what difference that makes in non-region movement (very little), you can do either better or worse, depending on where you're moving from and to. But as I said, the hazard limit reduction can be very useful to make the now-dangerous coastal seas a little less so. That's about all I can say about this card. So overall, Belagaer is a card that can be an occasionally good alternative to haven movement in some situations but that is far more often almost useless.
Ratings for: BELAGAER
Gandalf4.0Gollum8.0 *
Frodo8.0Farmer Maggot7.0
Sauron9.0 *Isildur5.0
Liber2.5 *Smaug6.0
Eomer4.0 *Glaurung8.0

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