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Worn and Famished

Hazard: Long-Event

Each non-Wizard character that is not in a haven, Free-hold, or Border-hold does not untap normally during his untap phase. Such a character may instead make a roll (or draw a #) adding his mind stat. If the result is greater than 12, he untaps. Cannot be duplicated.

Ouch. This card can really, REALLY, do damage. The only problem is that that damage is also done to you. To get into a bit more depth, this card has its main destructive power when used against parties in Dark areas and Ruins & Lairs, since its affects are cancelled on characters in Havens, Free-holds, and Border-holds. In fact it can cause quite extreme harm. Though that really depends on the character. Elrond, for example, only has to roll a 3 or better to untap, while Bard Bowman has to get an 11. It gives you an advantage with those high-powered characters like most of the Elves and various others. If you're playing a deck with a Wizard, Elrond, Glorfindel, and maybe one more high-powered character, with possibly some little ones like Hobbits thrown in, is almost immune to this card. Yes, it can hurt a little even then, but if your opponent will suffer far worse it's worth the trouble. You can also find use for this if you're hanging around in the Northwest of Middle-Earth, where Free-holds and Border-holds are plentiful. Your opponent, naturally, will suffer most in places like Mordor and the Northeast ("Dragon Country"), where the closest place to untap sometimes is Lorien. It's a great feeling to have your opponent triumphantly approach Mount Doom, One Ring in hand, then drop an attack on him, tap the ring's bearer with it (better yet, use Adunaphel, more definite), and play this card on him with Will of Sauron just before Gollum pops up out of nowhere and discards the ring moments before your opponent destroys it. As I just mentioned, Will of Sauron can be useful with this card, though you'll want to keep a good discarder around to stop this effect when it becomes a hindrance to you as well. So overall, Worn and Famished is a cool card, quite powerful, whose only deficiency is the fact it hurts you too.
Gandalf8.0Gollum10.0 *
Frodo9.0 *Farmer Maggot7.0
Sauron8.0Isildur4.5 *
Legolas8.0Beorn6.0 *

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