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Thror's Map

Resource: Minor Item
Corruption points: 1

Unique. Discard Thror's Map to untap a site with a Dragon automatic-attack.

Basically Thror's Map is a cheap, one-use alternative to Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe. In fact it works on some of the sites most needing of it, the Dragon sites with Hoards and cool things like that. But, it does only work once, and it's unique, so it's both decently hard to get out (can't just use it as a starting item, you have to play it elsewhere) and unlike Durin's ring can't be used again. Still, a good quick fix for untapping sites. It is still only a minor item, very easy to get out, only one corruption point (compared to the FIVE possible from Durin's ring), and it doesn't even require a Dwarf. Also if your opponent has Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe this is your only chance to untap a site, so it fuctions as a nice backup for it. Finally, it's an uncommon, so most people can get one, unlike the rare and highly coveted Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe. That's about all I can say about this card, other than that the artwork is cool too. So overall, Thror's Map is a nice little card that can sometimes be a handy alternative to using Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe.
Ratings for: THROR'S MAP
Gandalf5.5Gollum8.0 *
Frodo7.0Farmer Maggot6.0
Sauron5.0Isildur3.0 *
Eomer3.0 *Glaurung5.5
Morgoth8.5 *Average6.03

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