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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: (Wi Wi Wi) Cs
Prowess/Body: 15/-

Drake. One strike. Three wildernesses in site path are required. May also be played at a Ruins & Lairs that has two Wildernesses or one Coastal Sea in its site path.
This is our first example of Dragons' newest creature class, Drakes. All of them have several things in common, but also vary quite a bit. The biggest similarity between them is the difficulty in playing them. All of them except the Land, Light, Marsh, and Sea Serpent ones are either region-specific or require 3+ wildernesses, maybe one other type like in this, and/or two shadow-lands. This particular one is one of the strongest, the only one with more prowess is Cave Worm, and also is one of the more playable ones with many options for areas to play compared to some. Let's look in a bit more depth. First off, it's a Drake, already making it better than some cretaures because of the several enhancers they share with Dragons. It's also fairly risk-free, with only one marshalling point for your opponent if it loses, and in addition to that it has a good deal more prowess than even some Dragons. Its attack is more powerful than Scorba's, Bairanax's, and Daelomin's, and it is equal to Agburanar's and Scatha's in prowess. So it's about in the midrange as a Dragon, but it's not, so it doesn't have the bonuses only they get but it's also playable over a much wider range. It may only have one strike, and that without choosing defending characters, but even with that it's still pretty good. And it's playable in all the places Dragon's Desolation covers in its non-DoN version, plus a few more that are near Coastal Seas, and all the 3-wilderness areas too. And with Withered Lands it becomes actually quite a terror for its range, letting you cover the 2- and even 1-wilderness areas with ease. But still, you can use Dragon's Desolation or another area expander to cover most of this with a Dragon, which can often be a far better choice. So overall Rain-Drake is a creature that, while perfectly respectable and useful for play, is still bested in many ways by Dragons and some other creatures.
Ratings for: RAIN-DRAKE
Frodo6.5Farmer Maggot6.0

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