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Earcaraxe Ahunt

Hazard: Long-Event
Marshalling Points: 4

Unique. Any company moving in Andrast Coast, Bay of Belfalas, Eriadorian Coast, and/or Andrast immediately faces one Dragon attack (considered a hazard creature attack) - 3 strikes at 15/6 (attacker chooses defending characters). If Doors of Night is in play, this attack also effects: Old Pukel-land, Enedhwaith, Anfalas, and any Coastal Sea region (or region type).

Earcaraxe is the first Dragon (along with Scorba) to cover some area other than the usual Northeast corner of the map. A combination of her Ahunt version (on Exile of Solitude it calls Earcaraxe by "her", so will I), Scorba's, and one or two of the other Dragons' gives you an enormous area of coverage, including two havens and if used with the right site paths three. Earcaraxe herself covers the widest of those areas, with nine regions and two havens if used with Doors of Night. Otherwise she's not much better than her basic version, so using that's almost as good, but with Doors of Night she gains an enormous area of coverage. So with Doors out, you get every coastal sea, plus Andrast, Belfalas, Enedhwaith, and Old Pukel-land. That's a large chunk of the Southwest of Middle-Earth, a very large one. And with coastal sea coverage she can get anywhere with Coastal Seas in the site path, too. If a company doesn't go through one directly, you can use Wind of Wrath if the site has one to put them right in Earcaraxe's domain. Which means that, in addition to your already available Edhellond, you can also possibly attack Grey Havens, making two out of the four havens potentially in danger from Earcaraxe Ahunt. And the attack is pretty good too. 3 strikes, attacker chooses defenders, at 15/6. Quite a nice deal. Plus of course you can get all the dragon enhancers added to this. That puts her dead even with Smaug Ahunt, minus one body point, only a little behind Itanghast Ahunt, and better than any of the other Ahunts for prowess and body. And also quite nicely off with strikes, plus the Attacker chooses defenders which only her, Smaug, Bairanax, Daelomin, and Scorba have. And there's the usual thing of playing this as a long-event with Will of Sauron to get a semi-permanent attack over that wide area. Finally, this completely wrecks Coastal stratgies when played permanently with Will of Sauron, making this a fantastic sideboard to be used against an opponent with a Coastal Deck. The only possible problem is the 4 marshalling points (though they'd have to defeat three 15-prowess attacks with your choices of characters to get those) on defeat, and the possibility of losing Earcaraxe herself by losing this, but that's fairly unlikely considering her high prowess. So overall Earcaraxe Ahunt is quite a nice Ahunt Dragon, with stats as good as Smaug's and a very large range.
Gandalf8.5Gollum9.7 *
Frodo7.5Farmer Maggot10.0 *
Sauron9.0Isildur7.0 *
Legolas6.5 *Beorn7.0

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