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Peril Returned

Hazard: Long-Event

If Gates of Morning is not in play, Doors of Night is considered to be in play. If Gates of Morning is in play, it is considered to be out of play while Peril Returned is in play. Gates of Morning may still be removed normally (e.g., through the use of Twilight, Doors of Night, etc.)

To put it quite simply, this card is the best thing to happen to Doors of Night since The Will of Sauron (which contributed greatly to its usefulness). This makes Doors of Night much easier to play and much harder to remove. It also helps, and is helped by, Will of Sauron. Plus, if played in series (I'm not sure if this is legal, I don't know of any rules about it so I think it is) you can get even more effect. Just look at the possibilities. First, there's using it by itself, with its already listed abilities. Using those, you can either make Doors of Night be out or make Gates of Morning not be out, depending on whether Gates of Morning is already out or not. If Gates or Morning is out, you get the somewhat good ability of temporarily removing it from play. But if it isn't out the ability is much better, making Doors of Night in play without using Doors of Night itself. But the best part is, IT'S NOT AN ENVIRONMENT. So you can play this and Gates doesn't cancel it (though I suppose it does cancel the temporary Doors of Night while it's in play), Twilight doesn't cancel it, the regular means simply don't work. And only the few long-event cancelers do. Never mind when you play this with Will of Sauron to make it permanent. Play this, making Doors of Night out, then play Will of Sauron. Peril Returned stays in play for probably quite a long time, and therefore so does Will of Sauron. And you never even need to have Doors of Night actually out. Plus Gates can never have its effect, the only thing it can do is stop the Doors of Night effect while it's in play (and it can still be quickly cancelled with a Twilight, unlike this card). If it's possible to play these in series (play one and then play another one after that while the first is still in play) then you can get even more out of it. You can play one of these to keep Gates of Morning out, and another to put Doors of Night in. So now Gates of Morning CAN'T have its effect EVER, effectively, or even for that matter stop Doors from being out as it does on this card, until Will of Sauron is discarded with the deck draw. And Doors of Night is always in play, until Will of Sauron is discarded with the deck draw. If it was only possible to remove that restriction from Will of Sauron you could make Doors of Night in play the entire game. Anyway, overall Peril Returned is a great card, which belongs in literally any deck with Doors of Night and Will of Sauron.
Gandalf10.0Gollum9.5 *
Frodo6.0Farmer Maggot8.5
Sauron9.5 *Isildur3.0 *
Legolas3.0 *Beorn6.5

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