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Character: Sage Dunadan
Mind: 1
Direct Influence: 1
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 0/7

Unique. Healing cards affect all characters in her company.
Ioreth is the first character I'd really call a "healer". She has one use, which her stats are fairly appropriate to, and a little extra bonus influence-wise. First the stats. 0/7, meaning she can't do much in battle (she's even worse than a Hobbit) but she has a better than 50% chance of passing body checks. And she can heal fairly easily afterwards, with her abilities. She also has a nice little bonus of having a 0 on my influence scale, with as much direct influence as she has mind. So there's pretty much no reason not to play Ioreth, and there is a fairly good reason to. You can stuff her up with all the healing items and cards you want, and heal your entire company more efficiently than cards like Refuge. Especially since she's a Dunadan, and can therefore play Athelas as well as Healing Herbs. So she's almost entirely customized for the one job of healing characters. This makes her great to have along (with a few cards like Athelas and Healing Herbs, of course) on those dangerous missions to Mordor etc. or to "Dragon Country", so that you can heal after particularly harmful attacks. So overall Ioreth is a card that, while she might be looked over as being too little and insignificant, can actually do quite a good deal for your companies, and belongs in any deck with healing cards (which most decks have).
Ratings for: IORETH
Frodo7.0Farmer Maggot8.0

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