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Resource: Permanent-Event

Playable only if you discard an Elf from your hand and only at the end of the organization phase on a company using region cards with the last one being a Wilderness. (Play regions face up.) This card is used as a site card, Free-hold (cards drawn: 1/1). The company may only leave this site using region movement. Characters at this site heal as though they were in a haven. Discard Refuge when the company moves to a new site.

Refuge is an interesting new card, with its main use being just that: a refuge. You may have to sacrifice an Elf to use it, and you may have to be in Wilderness, but it still can provide a quick alternative to going back to a haven. Its main place of use (IMHO) is in "Dragon Country", the Northeast of Middle-Earth, with lots and lots of Wildernesses and also lots and lots of Dragons. With this card, you can send a company up to Northern Rhovanion or Withered Heath or wherever, fight (and hopefully kill) a Dragon there, and then sacrifice Orophin or somebody at his level and go and heal. Then you can merrily continue on to another Dragon, to kill it (hopefully) as well, without having to go back to Lorien. Nice little way to save time, though it is somewhat costly. In fact, that's the main disadvantage of this card, its high cost, having to sacrifice an Elf (which there aren't that many of that don't have negative marshalling points when eliminated) every time you use it. So it really can only be used once or twice without really giving up a lot for it, though you do get characters recycled when the deck runs out so I suppose you could use it again with the same Elves then. If there were any Wildernesses in Mordor I'd be encouraging the use of this there, but Mordor's all Dark-domains and Shadow-lands so you can't play it there without terrain enhancements. Another, smaller use for this card is when Balrog of Moria makes Lorien a non-haven. Then this card becomes EXTREMELY useful, because it's the only way to heal without going back to Rivendell or Edhellond. But other than that, Refuge is a possibly useful but not too great card, useful in a pinch but too much of a sacrifice to use too often.
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