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Withered Lands

Hazard: Short-Event

Environment. Playable only if Doors of Night is in play. Treat one target Wilderness as two Wildernesses or one Shadow-land as two Wildernesses or one Border-land as two Wildernesses until the end of the turn.

Very cool card in Dragon decks, and also with Drakes. It does have the penalty of being an environment, destroyable by Gates of Morning or Twilight, and also being a short-event, so you can't use Will of Sauron on it, but it's useful even with those limitations. This card allows you to make any land except Coastal Seas, Free-domains, and Dark-domains (and there aren't very many site paths with only those and nothing else) into a double-wilderness, making it possible to play all kinds of evil things. Such as our good friends, the Dragons. With Dragon's Desolation this can make pretty much any Ruins & Lairs into a Dragon-playable site. Or the Drakes, many of which require two or three wildernesses. Now you can make those easily. Making the third Wilderness for the cards that require it is fairly easy, just play two of these in series (no "Cannot be duplicated" on this card). Plus there are several other cards which benefit from this. Fever of Unrest allows you to apply this to more than just Ruins & Lairs, instead to any site, though you need four wildernesses to make it work instead of Dragon's Desolation's two. Still, play two of these on a double wilderness to make it work, or play it on shadow-lands or border-lands as well. Also there are other creatures, like Hobgoblins or Thunder's Companion, that benefit from this. And of course there are the ones from the basic set, too. There is one other dark side to this card, however. If your opponent's playing Radagast they can have a field day from your playing this card. Or at least they get to draw an extra card or two. Still, if Radagast's passing through that kind of territory you'll be able to cause him enough danger to offset the extra few cards. So overall Withered Lands is an extremely cool hazard for making Dragons and other cards more playable then they currently are.
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