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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Prowess/Body: 2/5

Animals. 15 strikes. Only playable at a Shadow-hold or at a Dark-hold, and only if a character in target company is wounded or Doors of Night is in play.

The first ever card that has more strikes than it does prowess. Well, actually second, there is Orc Warband, but it's 4 prowess and 5 strikes while this is 2 prowess and 15 strikes, so the difference is much greater. This card is pretty much guaranteed to have at least some -1 modifiers from extra strikes. In fact, probably lots of them. You can load all the extra modifiers on one person or spread them out among everyone, but either way it's quite destructive. Plus, they're playable at a fair number of sites, while not that many it's better than some cards like Nazgul, and they're only worth one marshalling point, so on the off chance that all of their strikes fail you won't lose that much. Never mind the best idea for these guys: enhancers. They are Animals, after all, so some cool enhancers like Wake of War and Fury of the Iron Crown work well here. Use a bunch of enhancers and turn these guys into a somewhat more pumped up 5/5 or more, then load them on at that level to REALLY see some harm done. Now you can make a 15/5 attack (effectively so, anyway) against one member of a 5-character company, as well as having every other character face a smaller but still possibly effective 5/5. Now admittedly, you'd still do better with a Nazgul or Dragon, especially considering the DoN or wounded character requirement, but in some situations this beats those hands down. Such as in one-character companies (evil grin). Turn that 2/5 into a 16/5 or even higher with enhancers and blast down a Hobbit or something like never before. Finally, there's the coolness value to consider with these guys. Killing Aragorn II with just a few rats is something to be proud of, and to intimidate your opponent with. So overall Morgul-Rats is a creature that is both extremely cool and has the stats to back that up.
Ratings for: MORGUL-RATS
Frodo6.0Farmer Maggot8.5

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