Hazard: Long-event

Environment. Playable only if Doors of Night is in play. Each moving company with a Wilderness in its site path must return to its site of origin. Cannot be duplicated.

Well, not only is this card appropriate to the weather, it's also a good card. Especially if you use it in combination with The Will of Sauron, which makes it permanent (or at least until one deck is exhausted or you get rid of Doors of Night). But even without that, this card's good. Wilderness is (by my count) the most common region type. Almost all movements require passing through wilderness. Because of that, this card can effectively shut down your opponent completely. The only problem is, it also shuts you down (it doesn't say it's opponent-only), so prepare by going towards the West or the South where you can get around by water.

Another good feature of this card is that it CANNOT be bypassed. There's no way to get out of it, it's automatically there. This card is especially useful if used in conjunction with other cards. In addition to The Will of Sauron, you can also use it with Siege (to have a continuous attack on the company), Nazgul (if they're at a Dark-hold and you have lots of them in your hand), and Havens (if you're at a haven, you can keep doing stuff while your opponent waits (especially if you're at Grey Havens which is the only haven not fenced in by wilderness).

The only bad feature, as mentioned before, is that it also effects you. This can be easily avoided with planning, as described above. So overall, this is a great card, well worth having in your deck (especially if you have Will of Sauron).

Ratings for: SNOWSTORM
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