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Strategy Week Day 7: One Ring Strategies

The other way of winning the game besides marshalling points, and also the way in which the "game" was actually won in The Lord of the Rings, is to destroy The One Ring at Mount Doom. This very complicated procedure has the advantage over marshalling points (or disadvantage, depending on what you see it as) of being purely a race, and possibly even just the challenge of doing it itself, instead of the desperate attempts to get more marshalling points in the other method. However, it is much more complicated a strategy to learn, use, and eventually master than just collecting marshalling points.

Okay, for destroying The One Ring you need very specific cards and you need to use them in a very specific way. First off, you need The One Ring itself, a card worth upwards of $30 in the limited edition and over $10 even in unlimited. In addition to that, you need three Precious Gold Rings, possibly a few Fair Gold Rings as well so you have more than three rings to test, a bunch of test cards including three Wizard's Tests, and finally several Cracks of Doom or possibly Gollum's Fate if you have Gollum. Scroll of Isildur I'd also highly reccomend. And you'll probably want your wizard to either be Saruman or have Wizard's Staff so he can return spell cards to your hand and get tests done rapidly. Though you could use Gandalf, Wizard's Test is better than his so why not use Saruman and recycle that? Or use him with Wizard's Staff for a super-tester. Radagast could be the best choice here for a Wizard because you need so many specific cards and he lets you get to them fast.

That brings us right into the next part, managing the cards. Basically you need to very strictly keep any cards that are needed for your strategy, and try to get to those cards as fast as you possibly can. Pretty easy, just go around to all the sites with all the characters you can for those cards and put Radagast on Shadowfax to get you even more. With the new Dragons rules of 6-region movement, you can get 12+ cards per turn just with Radagast on Shadowfax. And therefore cycle a 60-card deck in less than five turns. This allows you to get The One Ring out with unbelievable speed.

Getting The One Ring out is, as I said, a complex process. First you have to go to a site that you can play Gold Rings at, and play a Gold Ring. Then you have to test it, get a high enough test result to make it playable, and play it. Once you have it, you have to actually get it to Mount Doom, avoiding all the hazards and corruption checks on the way, and then destroy it with Cracks of Doom or Gollum's Fate, with more corruption checks or Gollum needed. A cool strategy with this is to send one company out scouting for Gold Rings, and keep your Wizard at a nearby haven so that they can deliver each ring back to him for testing. Then just keep trying, and eventually you'll pass the test and get the ring out. Once it's out, if your wizard is Alatar you can use his jumping strategy, otherwise you'll have to get the Wizard (or preferably a Hobbit since they can get through corruption checks much more easily) through all the hazards on the way to Mount Doom. Radagast riding on Shadowfax can once again be useful here if strategically used with attack cancellers, allowing you to get the ring to Mount Doom and destroy it in only one or two turns. As for attack cancellers, load your Wizard up with Torque of Hues, Wizard's Staff/Staff Asunder (doesn't cancel, but it does make it much easier to defeat), and various other cards, as many as you can safely do without having to worry too much about corruption checks.

Anyway, that's it for Strategy Week. Hope you found it somewhat useful. Tomorrow we go back to regular issues with COTD #170, Morgul Rats.

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