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Middle Earth: Dragons

First some basics. The cards are distributed with 4 uncommons, a rare and 10 commons. Face up, first four cards are uncommon, then the rules insert, then the rare (it's upside down, you can't miss it), then the 10 commons. There are a total of 23 dragons in this set, and a whole lot of Drakes (I just got the box, so I haven't gotten around to counting those yet). The list of Dragons now includes regular, At Home, and Ahunt variations of these nine Dragons: Agburanar (homesite: Caves of Ulund in Whithered Heath) Bairanax (homesite: Ovir Hollow in Grey Mountain Narrows) Daelomin (homesite: Dancing Spire in Whithered Heath) Earcaraxe (homesite: Isle of the Ulond on Andrast Coast) Itanghast (homesite: Gold Hill in Whithered Heath) Leucaruth (homesite: Irerock in Whithered Heath) Scatha (homesite: Gondmaeglom in Grey Mountain Narrows) Scorba (homesite: Zarak Dum in Angmar) Smaug (homesite: The Lonely Mountain in Northern Rhovanion) All of these are pretty good, but three in particular are THE best: Earcaraxe (high prowess and also it's a SEA-SERPENT), Itanghast (highest prowess, 18, and VERY cool art), and Smaug (already know him). Smaug, Scorba, Itanghast, and Earcaraxe in their ahunt versions together cover almost half of the map, 25 regions, including both Rivendell and Edhellond as well as fairly easy access to Lorien and Grey Havens. With the other Dragons this total becomes even more, more than half of the map. So Dragons change from a possible threat to an almost definite one. That's why they call it Dragons, after all. The art in this set is fantastic, I don't think there's one bad piece in the entire set, and several of the better artists seem to each have gotten their own Dragon to do art for (among them Liz Danforth who did Itanghast and I think Scatha). Hoard items are numerous and there are several good ones among them. Sea Voyaging I don't know who mentioned but there aren't any cards I can see with that or anything about it in the info. booklet that comes with every pack. There are of course numerous Dragon enhancers too. A bunch of cards that will change a LOT about this game, introducing many new factors and concepts. Of course almost the whole set is resources and hazards, only about four or five characters and about ten sites. Some cards you almost HAVE to get: Itanghast, Earcaraxe (I still don't have him, just the stats, anyone want to trade?), Wizard's Staff, Shadow of Mordor, Echo of All Joy, Emerald of the Mariner. Lots more, but those are some particular highlights IMHO. Anyway, overall Middle Earth: Dragons is an extremely cool expansion, with lots of neat cards and great artwork.

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