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Smaug at Home

Hazard: Permanent-Event
Marshalling Points: 5

Unique. Unless Smaug Ahunt is in play, The Lonely Mountain has an additional auto-attack: Dragon - 2 strikes at 18/8. In addition, each moving company draws one less card to a minimum of one at the start of its movement/hazard phase.

Cool, but a bit limited. It's permanent, and not only that it's not even cancellable except by cards that specifically cancel permanent hazards. It has two effects, one powerful but limited, and one almost as powerful but much less limited. First the Dragon-like one. It basically gives The Lonely Mountain, an already ultra-dangerous place, another Dragon attack, basically the equivalent of having Smaug there. Sure, it's extremely powerful, one of the best auto-attacks in the game and even better with enhancers, but it's also quite limited for its use. You can only use it, after all, for Smaug's already dangerous home at The Lonely Mountain, and nowhere else. Yes it can spell doom for parties there, but for those ones why not just use Smaug himself who has the same effects and can be used for other places as well? Well, there are two reasons. The first is that Smaug, like this, is unique, so if you REALLY want to cause damage there this helps a lot. The other one is the other ability of this card: lowering site draws. This card reduces the draws for movement-hazard movement by one, which can often really hurt a company that's trying desperately to get some critical card like a Wizard or The One Ring. But, it also hurts you, the downside to all this. There is, however, a way to prevent that harm: Radagast. Radagast increases draws by so much that often a single card drawn won't make that much difference, you cycle the entire deck in a few turns anyway. So if you have Radagast out as your Wizard this card's a great idea, causing your opponent a TON of harm while only doing you a little harm. But otherwise you have to be careful about not hurting yourself when you play this (and it doesn't hurt to keep a few perm-event cancellers around either). So overall Smaug at Home is a hazard with one fairly limited ability but another ability that's quite good and broad-range.
Ratings for: SMAUG AT HOME
Morgoth6.0 *Sauron9.0 *
Farmer Maggot9.0 *Beorn7.5
Shadowfax4.3 *Smaug7.0

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