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Itanghast Ahunt

Hazard: Long-Event
Marshalling Points: 6

Unique. Any company moving in Withered Heath, Northern Rhovanion, Iron Hills, and/or Grey Mountain Narrows immediately faces one dragon attack (considered a hazard creature attack) of 4 strikes at 16/7. If Doors of Night is in play, also affects Southern Rhovanion, Dorwinion, Heart of Mirkwood, and Woodland Realm.

From this card (and comparisons between Daelomin and his Ahunt variant) we can guess that there's probably also Itanghast himself with several non-defender-choosing 16/7 strikes (not necessarily 4 because Daelomin hasn't got four and his Ahunt gets four). But let's look at this card itself. Nice one. Another card that causes its worst harm in "Dragon Gulch" as I call it. And it extends much further if DoN is out (yet another reason to love DoN). The effects are very simple, but powerful. Any company moving in Dragon Gulch, or the other four sites listed if DoN is out, gets attacked with 4 strikes at 16/7. One thing I'm not clear about: does this count against the hazard limit once, when it's first played, or does it count every time it attacks a company? Scott, any rulings on cards that aren't quite out yet? Either way, this can do a good deal of damage, as an automatic-attack for regions instead of sites. Plus, there's the additional feature of it being a Hazard Long-Event. We all know what that means: Will of Sauron. Play the Will and then this for an instant (and semi-permanent) party-killer if you're caught without any more Dragon creatures. Plus of course there are the enhancers for this. We've already seen Passion of Wrath, and Dragon's Desolation, while it can't expand the playablility because it specifically says that's creature-only, it DOES give this another +2 prowess. So you can make this effectively as powerful as Smaug (though then why not just use Smaug Ahunt?) The one main disadvantage of this card is the 6 marshalling points, which can give you reason to be careful though you have a pretty good chance of succeeding with at least one of FOUR 16/7 strikes. So overall Itanghast Ahunt is a nice card, our first (but certainly not last) Ahunt Dragon and for that matter any Dragons dragon, and worthy of inclusion in many decks.
Morgoth7.0 *Sauron10.0 *
Farmer Maggot10.0 *Beorn5.0 *

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