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Fram Framson

Character: Warrior/Ranger Man
Mind: 2
Direct Influence: 0
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 6/8

+3 prowess against Dragon and Drake attacks. May not be a starting character and may only be brought into play at his home site.

First FRAMburg, now FRAM FRAMson. Does ICE have some kind of thing about the word Fram? There's probably a Framlings or a Fram People faction too, just to complete the cycle. Anyway, looking at the card itself Fram's pretty good. He's (is it a he, I haven't seen the art?) a Man, Warrior/Ranger, both fairly common abilities (well, Ranger isn't that common, but Warrior is) and a fairly common classification though it does have some enhancers. 5 mind, 0 direct influence so a -5 by my scale, almost as expensive as the really strong characters like Elrond. But he's pretty strong, too. 6/8 is one of the highest sets of stats in the game, 2 below the tops for both prowess and body, and then added to that is his "dragon-slaying" ability. Against Dragons, which will no doubt be much more common foes in Dragons then they are now, Fram is an unbeatable 9 prowess character, even better than Glorfindel. And since he's cheaper than Glorfindel, he's a better choice for companies traveling in the "Dragon Gulch" region (Grey Mountain Narrows, Iron Hills, Northern Rhovanion, and Whithered Heath) than him. So he has a special ability that's already somewhat useful and will be much more so in a few days when Dragons comes out. There is also one disadvantage to Fram, an even worse version of the one suffered by the Hobbits. He can only be brought into play at his home site, Framburg (which can sometimes be dangerous as I said yesterday) and he CANNOT be a starting character, the one means of avoiding this with Hobbits. So therefore you HAVE to go to Framburg to get him. Still, overall Fram Framson is a pretty nice character for killing Dragons, which is something that will be in high demand in just a few days from this issue's posting.
Ratings for: FRAM FRAMSON
Gandalf7.5Gollum9.4 *
Morgoth6.0 *Sauron8.7 *
Farmer Maggot7.0Beorn7.0
Shadowfax6.2 *Smaug8.0

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