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Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Anduin Vales
Site path: Wi, Bl
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Playable: Items (minor)

When a company enters this site, opponent may play one creature from his hand that is treated in all ways as the site's automatic attack (if defeated creature is discarded). It must normally be playable keyed to Ruins&Lairs, Shadow-Holds, Shadow-lands, or Wilderness. Contains a Hoard.

This may be the strangest site we've ever reviewed. It's also got a feature (contains a Hoard) that, while I don't definitely know what it is, I can guess it's pretty good (Emerald of the Mariner, the best Dragons card I've seen yet, is a Hoard Item). But let's just look at all the features. It's a site, a Ruins & Lairs with a Wilderness in its site path (meaning if DoN is in play you can put DRAGONS here with Dragon's Desolation). Fairly easy to reach region, Anduin Vales, though I don't find myself going there very often for other reasons. From the start the items look weak, just minor items, but then there's also the fact this site contains a Hoard, which as I just said is probably pretty good. I may re-review this site (and the Emerald if I don't have my cards in time for it) after I know what a Hoard is, but for now I'll just do without that part. Then there's the unusual part about this site, the special feature. Its automatic attack is the opponent's choice, I.E. he can play any Shadow or R&L/Wilderness keyable card to this site as an automatic-attack. Cool idea. The only thing better would be one of these that supported Dark areas, so then you could have a Nazgul automatic attack or something that deadly and then play those boatloads of auto-attack enhancers not intended for creatures that powerful. This card lets you do that anyway with fairly dangerous creatures, actually, like for example Tom (Tuma). 13 prowess already, now take Arouse Denziens and Choking Shadows to give him a mighty 18 prowess instead. Plus it doesn't even count against the hazard limit since it's an auto-attack, AND there aren't any marshalling points from it once again because it's an auto-attack. But since we're rating this from the safety point of view, that's a negative attribute, making you susceptible to possibly worse attacks than you would otherwise have. So overall Framburg is a pretty nice site, mostly because of the Hoard (and therefore the Emerald), though it does have the negative attribute of potentially strong auto-attacks.
Ratings for: FRAMBURG
Gandalf8.5Gollum8.8 *
Farmer Maggot7.0Beorn7.0
Eomer6.0 *Glaurung5.3 *
Isildur9.5 *Legolas6.0

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