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Passion of Wrath

Hazard: Short-Event

A strike from a Dragon attack is modified by +2 prowess and -1 body. Alternatively, a strike from an attack by a manifestation of Smaug is modified by +4 prowess and -2 body.

Not only is this an enhancer to the prime subjects of this expansion set, it's also just a cool card in general. Especially for its effects on Smaug, but even for regular Dragons it's pretty darn good. First, there's the basic modifier. It gives all dragons +2 prowess and -1 body. Good deal IMHO, considering prowess is generally worth more than body anyway. Now Daelomin becomes a fairly competitive 15/7 with THREE strikes AND attacker chooses defending characters. The other Dragons benefit too, though we only know about four of the nine Dragons (or five of ten if you count Cave-Drake, it is technically a Dragon) so far because no one's seen the other five except ICE and the playtesters. Never mind the benefits on Smaug, making him the most powerful creature in the game. Now old Smaug becomes an ultra-charged 22/6, the 6 may be bad but the 22's so good it doesn't matter. What a card that is. Automatic defeats to every non-enhanced character and even many enhanced ones, Hobbits are dead in the water with him even non-enhanced but with this it just becomes wasteful to bother with it since you can choose the defenders. Still, Smaug now becomes both the creature with the highest prowess AND (with Dragon's Desolation in play) the most easily playable "juggernaut" playable at any 2-wilderness site, even Bag End. And you thought it was safe to hang out near Rivendell or Lorien.... Ha ha ha. Anyway, overall Passion of Wrath is a card that is sure to be quite powerful in the Dragons expansion.
Gandalf8.5Gollum8.3 *
Morgoth8.0Sauron5.0 *
Farmer Maggot5.0Beorn6.5
Shadowfax4.0 *Smaug10.0 *

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