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Bag End

Site: Free-Hold
Region: The Shire
Site path: Wi, Wi
Nearest Haven: Rivendell
Cards Drawn: Opponent 2; You 2

The place where it all started, both The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings started in this cozy little site. And it's appropriately useful as a site. This is the only site in the entire game at the moment (though that may soon change) which can be the only place for a character to enter it. Hobbits, when not played as starting characters, can only be played here, not at havens like most characters are. So this site immediately becomes very valuable as a place for bringing in characters. That brings up yet another problem with the Hobbits faction: bringing it into play at Bag End, its site, taps Bag End so you can't play characters there anymore. This of course could be EXTREMELY bad if you want to bring out a Hobbit, since now there's no easy way (though I believe there still are other ways, you can't use the normal method). Bag End, since it is the home to the Hobbits, is therefore a great site for companies to visit that either have to go through some bad corruption territory or are carrying The One Ring. Now you can go there and get your very own Hobbit to march around and send to steal things and load up with huge numbers of corruption points (if you happen to be that kind of Hobbit treater, I personally respect the little guys a bit more but it's a matter of personal preference on this). The rest of the site attributes are fairly haven-ish, 2/2 for draws, free-hold in free-domain, pretty close to Rivendell, site path not that bad but it is a double Wilderness and that means Dragons. Still, overall Bag End is a nice site for Hobbits, naturally, and therefore certainly a nice place to send a company.
Ratings for: BAG END
Morgoth8.0Isildur9.0 *
Sauron10.0 *Farmer Maggot9.0
Eomer5.0 *Legolas8.0
Glaurung8.3Smaug6.0 *

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