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Wizard's Fire

Resource: Short-Event
Spell. Wizard only. +5 prowess for the Wizard against one attack. Wizard makes a corruption check modified by -4.

Okay, it's almost as bad a corruption check as Narya but in some circumstances it can be a worthwhile risk. There are three times this is worth that risk. The first is when there is no risk. That means that the Wizard has to have no items at all (though he won't need any if he can play this often) and also have a total of +3 to corruption checks, which the main ways to get are Emerald of the Mariner (a new and potentially earth-shattering Dragons card), Fellowships, and built-in modifiers. With either Gandalf/Radagast and just two more points or with anyone else with three (the Emerald and two Fellowships work well here) as a modifier you can make this automatic. Though the only real time to use this strategy anyway is with Saruman. Saruman, after all, can recycle spells, giving him at least one of these every single turn. Quite a good deal. You can make him an 11-prowess Super Wizard, with fairly high chances even against the devastating Khamul or Shelob. There are, of course, two other times to use this. One of them is fairly weak: when you have only 1 turn left to get marshalling points before a deck runs out and you frantically NEED the points from one of the big boys like Khamul or the Witch-King then it's worth it for a good chance of beating them. Though that's fairly weak since your opponent probably won't be stupid enough to play those on you. The other use is when your Wizard's being attacked by an Attacker-Chooses-Defenders creature and probably has some negative modifier to his body. In that case, you may need to take the risk in order to avoid a greater risk of having your Wizard killed. Think carefully about this option, though, since often a corruption check can be more risky than the attack, especially with body points protecting him anyway. Overall, Wizard's Fire is a card mostly useful as a "safety blanket" for protecting your Wizard from harm.
Ratings for: WIZARD'S FIRE
Gandalf6.5Gollum9.0 *
Morgoth6.0Isildur5.0 *
Sauron5.0Farmer Maggot8.0
Eomer5.5Legolas2.0 *
Glaurung8.4 *Smaug8.0

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