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Red Arrow

Resource: Major Item
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 2

Unique. Bearer may automatically influence the Riders of Rohan. +5 to the bearer's direct influence against any character with Edoras as a home site.

Hmm. Good for Edoras, but useless for everything else. That's not that great overall when you consider the fairly small number of characters from Edoras. But let's look at the details. First one: Unique, so you can only have one of these in your deck (not that you'd necessarily want more anyway unless you have a LOT of Edoras folks). Automatic influence to Riders of Rohan, a 3-pt faction with normally a whopping 9 required for the influence check. Worth something to you if you're in the neighborhood and have the Riders in hand. But unless you have that or put them in the Sideboard, that ability is useless. The other ability is slightly better. Edoras' characters are: Eomer, Eowyn, Erkenbrand, Gamling the Old, Hama, and Theoden. A few good ones in there definitely, like Eowyn and maybe if ICE eventually corrects the horrific underpowering of him Eomer as well. And 5 extra direct influence can certainly help to control them, with 1 and maybe 2 extra characters under your control from Edoras. So this card is overall one with a decent ability for the Edoras folks but that's really only useful for people with lots of characters there.
Ratings for: RED ARROW
Morgoth4.0 *Isildur5.25
Sauron9.0 *Farmer Maggot7.0
Eomer7.5Legolas3.0 *
Glaurung6.5Smaug8.5 *

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