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Mirror of Galadriel

Resource: Short-Event
Only playable at Lorien. You may look at your opponent's hand and choose to look at either the top five cards of his play deck or your play deck. Shuffle those 5 cards and return them to the top of their play deck.

A sort of Palantir-like peek-ahead into your play deck or your opponent's. This definitely has some use, though not that much really. First the limitation: it's playable only at Lorien. So what, you go there probably enough anyway so it shouldn't delay you more than a turn or two. The least useful ability of its three is spying on your own deck. You're probably going to get those cards in a turn or two anyway, what difference does it make, you can't do anything about it. The only use for this is timing for card-drawers like some of the Palantiri, but those let you see them too so why bother with this card? And the shuffling doesn't matter because once again you're getting them in a turn or two anyway. So a better ability is the second, looking at your opponent's draw deck. This can be put to better use because it allows you to see what your opponent has coming up and plan accordingly. But better still then that is the ability to look at your opponent's hand. Yes once again Palantiri can do it reusably, but this card is much easier to get out. Now you know what your opponent has right now, and therefore you can plan around what to do in response to it. This to me seems better, both for current knowledge and for getting to see two extra cards. For details on that see issue 92 with Palantir of Amon Sul. So overall Mirror of Galadriel is a fairly decent alternative to some Palantiri.
Gandalf7.0Gollum9.2 *
Sauron7.0Farmer Maggot6.0
Beorn5.0 *Frodo8.0
Eomer7.5Legolas4.0 *
Glaurung8.5 *Smaug5.0

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