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Resource: Faction
Marshalling Points: 1

Unique. Playable at Bag End if the influence check is greater than 8. Standard Modifications: Hobbits (+4).

I may have reviewed other bad cards before, but IMHO this card for its ability is THE WORST CARD IN THE ENTIRE GAME. You get 1 lousy marshalling point, the check requires total greater than EIGHT, almost the highest in the game, and you have to tap Bag End, the one site currently (I think Framburg in Dragons has this same setup) in which there are characters only playable there, and the only modifications are for the influence-pathetic HOBBITS. Boy that's bad. Sure, it may be a cool idea, and it may perfectly fit the actual usefulness of a group of Hobbits (as an average for their race, sure some have lots of ability but most would rather stay in their nice safe holes), but what possible reason could they have to make this card? Let's just look at how bad this is. There's a less than 50% chance of getting this out for most non-Hobbits (except the ones with more than 1 point of direct influence). With Hobbits, sure it's possible, but by playing this you are "closing the gate" to any further Hobbits unless you've got a Durin's Ring. And what do you get for this? 1 lousy marshalling point. You get FOUR TIMES THAT MUCH for Iron Hill Dwarves and they take the same amount of influence and don't need that site to get them out (there's only two of them anyway, compared to the five Hobbits). You get twice that much for some of the other little factions like Men of Northern Rhovanion (with only 6 needed to influence AND a bonus for those fairly common Man characters) and even better with Men of Dorwinion (THREE marshaling points for 6 influence). Even the mighty Southrons with FIVE marshalling points only need an 8 to influence. Which would you rather control: the Southrons, with five marshalling points, or the Hobbits with only one? There is one possible use for this however. Use it as a bluff for your opponent. Anyone who is willing to waste the time and sites to play this card must be pretty darned powerful. Or as a tapper for Bag End. So overall, Hobbits is an almost humorously bad card, easily the worst faction in the game and quite likely the worst card.
Ratings for: HOBBITS
Gandalf4.0Gollum6.0 *
Morgoth4.0 *Isildur4.0
Sauron6.0Farmer Maggot4.0
Beorn6.5 *Frodo4.0

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