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Resource: Permanent-Event
Marshalling Points: 1

Sage only during the site phase at an untapped site where "Information" is playable. Tap the sage and the site. Sage may not untap until Reforging is stored at a Haven [H]. During your organization phase, you may tap a sage at a Haven and discard a stored Reforging to retrieve any minor or major weapon, armor, or shield from your discard pile. The item must be placed under the control of a character in the sage's company.

This card comes from the group I call "mission" cards because they do just that: give you a mission and only reward you when it's accomplished. In this case, you have to store it at a haven. When you do, you get to untap the sage who had to tap to begin the "mission" and you can then use this card for its main purpose of retrieving items from your discard pile. Now that's okay but not that great. You have to tap an Information site to even play it, which I say is better used for a more worthy card like Ringlore, and then you have to take and store this at a haven, all the while leaving your Sage tapped and unable to do anything but move and defend at -1. And then you have to store it, with the associated corruption check. And once you do, all that you get from it is 1 lousy marshalling point (it can be useful, yes, but not that much) and the ability to retrieve one minor or major weapon, armor, or shield and put it under the control of a character. Big deal. You can do almost the same thing as many times as you like and with any type of item from several different Dwarven Rings, and using Ringlore to bring them out they're not much harder to get than this. Weapons are sometimes a little useful with ones like Orcrist and Glamdring, but the good ones are greater items, not minor or major. There's one final use of this card: Anduril, which may be the best of all since that actually does get your something nice: Narsil and Anduril together are an extremely powerful item. But still overall Reforging is at best a mediocre card with little use except in very specific cases.
Ratings for: REFORGING
Gandalf6.0Gollum9.0 *
Morgoth6.0Isildur4.0 *
Sauron6.0Farmer Maggot8.0 *
Beorn5.0 *Frodo7.0

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