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Lure of Nature

Hazard: Permanent-Event
Corruption. Does not affect Hobbits and Dwarves. A character receives 2 corruption points. Target character makes one corruption check at the end of each movement/hazard phase for each Wilderness [w] in the site path that his company moved through that turn. Cannot be duplicated on a given character. During his organization phase, a character with this card may tap to attempt to remove it. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 4, discard this card.

First thing that comes to mind: Radagast. This card utterly destroys Radagast. The worst card to the best Wizard (IMHO, of course). It does lots of other things too, but its most evil ability is its pure destruction of Radagast-based strategies. But first let's deal with the basics. 2 corruption points, like all corruption cards, doesn't work on Hobbits and Dwarves (but it DOES work on Wizards). Hobbits don't have to worry much about corruption anyway, and Dwarves aren't the first pick for characters you really want to save (except with really good ones like Thorin II). The corruption check causer, however, is probably the most powerful of any in the whole game. Wilderness is the most common region type, scarcely a move goes by that a company won't go through one, and also is the key to one Wizard's strategy: Radagast. Radagast's sole ability other than his +1 to corruption checks is that he draws an extra card for every Wilderness he passes through. And of course this card forces a corruption check for every Wilderness he goes through too. So no more 8-wilderness Shadowfax-assisted turns, now if he does that there's a very good chance you'll lose the game. So unless your opponent needs to win the game so desparately that he's willing to risk this killing off Radagast. Of course, this card is easy to remove, you only need a roll >4 (and that's very likely) to discard it, but you still have to tap, at least. That's a good idea if InQuest ever repeats its multi-CCG battle (name escapes me at the moment): tap a Wizard and bring in something like a Royal Assassin from Magic (kills any tapped creature, unbelievably deadly in METW with an Adunaphel combo against Wizards) and then win the game easily. So overall, Lure of Nature is the best corruption card for number of checks caused, but its ease of discarding removes some of that value.
Ratings for: LURE OF NATURE
Sauron10.0Farmer Maggot10.0

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