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The Precious

Hazard: Short-Event
A character in the same company as The One Ring (not the bearer himself) must make a corruption check modified by -2. If he fails, discard The One Ring along with the target character.

This can be quite useful against some companies. It forces -2 corruption checks in possibly large numbers, in an already fairly corrupted company, and possibly even discards The One Ring. First off, there's already the 1 corruption point for every character in the bearer's company, i.e. everyone checked by this. That totals up with the -2 to a probability of 3 in 36 or 1 in 12 of the check succeeding already. Especially, of course, if they have another item with them, like many do. Such as Torque of Hues for defense against Nazgul, a Palantir (and Saruman) used to draw the One Ring, or Scroll of Isildur for the draw. Assuming 3 corruption points from this, those odds rise to 10 in 36 or 5 in 18, almost 1 in 3. So with 3 characters like that you've got a very good chance of destroying the Ring and corrupting a character out of the game. Whatever item is used, any character with an item in a One Ring company is subject to a great deal of danger, which becomes a significant amount worse with this card. Use this in a careful combo with a few corruption cards too and find an easy way to destroy The One and possibly even corrupt a Wizard (though the chances of that aren't too amazing, it is possible nonetheless). So overall The Precious is a nice card for destroying your opponent's One Ring and corrupting a few characters while you're at it.
Ratings for: THE PRECIOUS
Sauron8.0Farmer Maggot4.0

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