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Hazard: Short-Event
Playable on a site. Until the end of the turn, each non-Hobbit, non-Wizard character at the site must make a corruption check each time an item is played at the site. The character playing an item need not make a corruption check. When a character makes one of these corruption checks, it is modified by the subtracting the corruption points that the item would normally give the character if he controlled the item. Cannot be duplicated on a given site.

May not be an actual corruption card, but has most of the same effects and the advantage of not being subject to the usual Corruption. removers. Basically, this is an item-triggered multi-player Short-Event corruption card. Long word for a simple meaning. You play this card mostly to prevent your opponent from playing any expensive items for a turn at a site, though they can later continue it without penalty. A delay card. Of course, they can also "run the gauntlet" and risk having a character or two corrupted out of the game. What about that gauntlet? It forces everyone except the item player to make a corruption check, modified by -x (x being the corruption points of the item). So it's like giving every character that item. Just think of this with a One Ring race and you'll see how destructive this can be. Now in a 6-character company with a One Ring this could be very evil. Assume one Wizard and a Hobbit carrying The One (so he's out anyway and doesn't need the card's bearer-doesn't-need-to-make-the-corruption-check). That's 4 characters each making negative SIX corruption checks (plus any other modifiers). Since it isn't technically a corruption card you can play an extra like Lure of the Senses on the same turn for 2 more corruption points and give yourself a better than 50% chance for corrupting each of the characters in question out of the game. With a Wizard this could be truly evil, but they're protected. But there's one problem with this - it needs an item to be played AFTER it's out to trigger it. So the only way to use this is play it and then have your opponent need to bring out an item AFTERWARDS. That makes this card's main purpose deterring your opponent from bringing out items. Except if you put it on guard (though I won't go into that much now). So overall, Greed is an okay but not exceptional card useful mostly as a deterrant and not a genuine threat.
Ratings for: GREED
Sauron9.5Farmer Maggot9.0

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