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Lure of the Senses

Hazard: Permanent-Event
Lure of the Senses Hazard - Permanent-Event Corruption. A character receives 2 corruption points. Target character makes a corruption check at the end of his untap phase if he is at a Haven [H]. Cannot be duplicated on a given character. During his organization phase, a character with this card may tap to attempt to remove it. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this results is greater than 6, discard this card.

Pretty good. Has a fair number of nice features in better versions than other cards. First the playable characters - anyone. Any character can have this played on them. That includes Wizards, Hobbits, characters other than those, anyone. Same checking conditions as Lure of Creation - checks made at a haven, but unlike that card it works on anyone and not just Wizards. In fact, since all its features except playable characters are almost identical to Lure of Creation, you can pretty much consider this a better version of that, with the only other difference being this happens at the end of the Untap phase AT a haven while Lure of Creation does it on Movement/Hazard phase when moving to a haven. That's a bit of an advantage on LoC's part, actually, in the case of wizards with Shadowfax, since it checks on any and not just end-of-turn movement to a haven (so the Shadowfax people who go to a haven and then move again have a check while in this they wouldn't). Finally, there's the last attribute, once again shared with LoC: its dice roll for cancelling is >6, good compared to some like Despair of the Heart. One really cool combo: play this AND Lure of Creation on a Wizard for FOUR corruption points, TWO checks at every haven, and at least two turns to get rid of them both and possibly as many as four (plus you have to tap your Wizard and not use him for anything else). So overall Lure of the Senses is one of the best Corruption cards for general use.
Sauron8.0Farmer Maggot9.5

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